Radio Commentaries

Week: September 2nd - 6th

This week, Eric addresses the topics of secularism, the origin of human rights, and spending quality time with your children.


9/2/19: A Timely Lesson


How do you give teenagers a little wisdom?

Psalm 90 verse 12 reminds us to “number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Here’s a fun way to help teenagers in your church’s youth group gain a sense of perspective about their lives. Take ten pieces of lined school paper and tape them together to create a timeline about 10 feet long. Each line on the paper represents ten years. Beginning with the birth of Jesus, mark various historical events on the timeline. Have the students find the years they were born and count forward nine lines or 90 years. Have them get creative and think of inventions that might be developed after the year 2100.

By literally numbering their days, you just may help teenagers gain a little wisdom for how to spend the very short time they have on earth.


9/3/19: Interest in Academics


Your interest in your children’s academics is important.

Learning the subjects your children are studying can be an important ingredient to their success at school. Showing interest in the subject means going beyond merely making sure they do their homework. It requires that you read up on the subject. Look for opportunities to talk about it with them, and that you show enthusiasm for the subject yourself. If you don’t care about the subject matter, why should your children?

They will be more interested in the academic subject if you, the most important person in their lives, show an interest, as well. It’s commonly said in education, more is caught than taught. That is, your children are watching what you are interested in, what you enjoy, and what you talk about. Be a good example by being interested in the subjects they study.


9/4/19: The S.H.A.M


Are you and your children falling for the SHAM?

Many people have rejected a biblical worldview and embraced a secular, hedonistic, materialism. The acronym SHAM stands for Secularism, Hedonism, And Materialism.

Secularism is any idea or activity that is not bound by or subject to religious rules. Hedonism is the idea that pleasure is the highest good and proper aim of human life. Materialism, and I don’t mean buying material things, materialism is the idea that the material world is all that exists – there is no soul, no God.

From this mindset, “freedom” means the freedom to do whatever you feel like doing. This is counter to the biblical worldview in which freedom is the liberty to do the right thing. Secularism, Hedonism, And Materialism is a sham — posing as truth but denying there is actual Truth. But the sham has duped many people.


9/5/19: Origins of Human Rights


Why do we think there is such a thing as human rights?

Every American benefits from a biblical worldview. For example, our culture believes in “human rights” even though an atheist worldview doesn’t support such an idea. If someone truly believes that there is no God and that humans are just biological accidents with no purpose, no intrinsic value, and no hope, why do people have any rights just for being humans?

Without realizing it, they borrow from a biblical worldview in some areas but reject it when they feel like it. As Nancy Pearcey writes in her brilliant book, Finding Truth, when it serves their feelings they live “as if” there is a God even while denying He exists.

We must help today’s students – the next generation of Americans – understand the value of a biblical worldview.


9/6/19: Quality Time


Do you spend enough time with your children?

This is Gateways to Better Education. I’m Eric Buehrer.

Strong family bonds can give a solid foundation for your children’s academic and emotional success. Those bonds are built through spending quality time together. However, the quantity of time you spend together has much to do with the quality of time you have. The more time you spend together the more opportunities you have to talk (if you stay off your cell phones). You’ll have more time to capitalize on a teachable moment, to have fun together, and to let your children see you model Christian values. In our busy world it’s sometimes hard to find time for family. But just remember, quantity makes quality easier.

We are so glad that this radio station is committed to helping you and your family live Godly lives in today’s world.