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It's A Book, Isn't It? 

Brooke Marshall approached her parents with this question: "Why doesn't the Bible count for points in the Accelerated Reading Program? It's a book, isn't it?"

For several years, Brooke had been participating in the Accelerated Reading Program (ARP), a voluntary program where students select literature based on their interests and reading level, at read more...


Parenting Handbook Helps Train Up Our Children in The Way They Should Go!


What The U.S. Dept. of Education says about public school students' religious liberties

What to Do About a Problem Teacher

At some point in your child's education you may have an insurmountable personality conflict with a teacher. What can you do then? MORE

When to Remove Your Child from an Activity

Knowing when to remove your child from a classroom activity is subjective. Only you will be able to gauge when your child should not participate in something.  MORE