Keeping the Faith in Public Schools (Handbook Only)

Keeping the Faith in Publich Schools (Handbook Only).jpg
Keeping the Faith in Publich Schools (Handbook Only).jpg

Keeping the Faith in Public Schools (Handbook Only)


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The 10-topic study shows how public school parents can help their children graduate with their faith and values intact. It also helps parents foster a faith-friendly environment in the schools. (Also available in DVD format.)

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As you read this ten-topic Bible study YOU WILL BE ABLE TO:

  1. Use a two-step process to teach your children to be discerning about what they learn at school
  2. Help your children have a deeper connection with America’s Godly heritage when they recite the Pledge of Allegiance at school
  3. Encourage your children to be bolder in living their faith at school because you, and they, know their freedom of religious expression
  4. Restore traditional recognition of ThanksgivingChristmas, and Easter in your children’s classrooms
  5. Help your children think Biblically about the academic subjects they learn
  6. Use five criteria for knowing when to remove your children from an activity or lesson at school
  7. Successfully address a concern with the teacher in a gracious manner
  8. Use a three-step process for helping your children develop good character
  9. Teach your children a biblical approach to tolerance so they don’t feel pressured to compromise their values