Helping Christians navigate the public schools

Gateways to Better Education is a nonprofit organization founded in 1991 to help public school educatorsparents and school leaders teach about the important contribution the Bible and Christianity make to the world. We show them how to do this legally and appropriately within existing constitutional boundaries, current laws, and state academic standards. 

We empower parents with tools to navigate the public schools so their children graduate with their faith and values intact. We guide school leaders in establishing policies and practices that protect academic and religious freedom.


We envision public schools as places where students know they have the freedom to express their faith and where they gain an academic appreciation for the Bible and Christianity across the whole curriculum as it relates to history, culture, and values.

We make the case that this vision is culturally accurate, academically expected, legally supported, and morally imperative.

To accomplish this vision, Gateways provides:

  • Professional development seminars for teachers

  • State Academic Standard Summaries for teachers and school leaders, along with State Law reviews

  • University online modules for Departments of Education

  • Seminars for parents

  • Lesson plan ideas for teachers

  • Small group DVD Bible Study

  • Practical articles and tools for parents and teachers

  • e-Newsletter, Radio commentaries, Gateways Minute videos, President’s blog and more.



While some Christians have an "us-versus-them" mentality about public schools, Gateways urges the Church to see that Christians are also "them." There are millions of Christians currently in public schools. They are found at every level and include superintendents, school board members, administrators, educators, parents, and students.  Barna Research's polling data indicates that 84% of church-attending families send their children to public schools and nearly 50% of public school educators are Christians who attend church and say that their faith is very important in their lives.

Our Founder and President

Eric 2.jpg

Eric Buehrer was a public school teacher before founding Gateways to Better Education. He is a published author and nationally-recognized authority on the subject of religion and public education. His approach is unique as it emphasizes camaraderie, not conflict; and reason, not rage.

Eric and his wife, Kim, have three grown, public-school-educated daughters and a Yorkie-poo.





Grateful to Chuck Colson

We are grateful that the late Chuck Colson so enthusiastically embraced Gateways to Better Education and supported our work.

Eric is a unique and much-needed voice in our country. What he is doing to equip parents and teachers is vital. I personally appreciate how he has kept me informed on education issues which we’ve used frequently on Breakpoint.
— Chuck Colson

Organizations we work with

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Nancy Sandoval - Secretary
Eric Buehrer - Director

Jim LePere - Treasurer