Online Professional Development

Access to our self-paced online professional development videos Faith, Freedom & Public Schools: Addressing the Bible and Christianity without Mixing Church and State

It includes 20 downloadable lesson plans, articles, documents, and a 260-page report on where the Bible is included in all 50 state academic standards. It also includes a 30-minute interview with the senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom who answers 15 commonly-asked questions teachers have regarding religion in their classrooms.

Cost: $125

The Eight Sessions



1. Legally Supported (55 mins.)

2. Academically Expected (27 mins.) 

3. Culturally Accurate (18 mins.) 

4. Moral Development & Religious Upbringing (16 mins.)


Practical Application

5. Inclusion Strategies (43 mins.)

6. Students' Religious Liberties (23 mins.) 

7. Acknowledging Holidays (25 mins.) 

8. Cultivating Character (15 mins.)

Learning what I am allowed to do and not allowed to do really made things much more clear for me. I am more free to pray with other Christian teachers when students are not around and to even suggest a Bible Study after school hours. Knowing that I can teach Christianity in the context of history has also given me inspiration to include the importance of Christian thought in the history we study.
— Vicki