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Faith, Freedom & Public Schools is a professional development seminar for public school educators. This is not about “education theory.” You’ll learn practical ways to appropriately and lawfully include teaching about the Bible and Christianity as it relates to history, culture, and values across the curriculum. You’ll also receive the latest updates on federal and state religious liberty issues affecting students and teachers.

Reaching public school educators has a multiplying impact. For instance, we recently trained 200 educators in Plano, Texas. Based on our post-event survey, the participants taught 15,000 students that year alone! And every year they have new students to influence.

3 1/2 hours on a Saturday morning. Many districts will award CEU’s.

"The most liberating seminar a Christian educator will ever experience!"




Are you concerned that your child’s faith and values will be negatively impacted in a public school? You are not alone.

Keeping Their Faith in Public Schools is an encouraging seminar for parents, grandparents and ministry staff to help navigate the public schools. You’ll discover:

A powerful way to teach your children discernment in class

More than ever before, Christian parents need to know how to help their children discern “politically correct” opinions and subtle bias that may run counter to your family’s faith and values. 

How to address a concern with a teacher in a gracious way

There will be times when you need to talk to a teacher about a topic or activity in class that you feel is questionable. You will learn the five criteria for evaluating your concerns and a successful way to approach the teacher.   

Students’ religious liberties in class

You’ll learn the six religious liberties the U.S. Department of Education says your children have at school and how to protect and promote them in a relational way.

How to teach your children a biblical definition of tolerance so they hold fast to their moral values and convictions

Unfortunately, many people misuse the word “tolerance” resulting in students feeling unable to defend their biblically-based moral convictions. You’ll discover a biblical approach to tolerance that will give your children confidence to stand strong while also expressing kindness and respect.

And more...

1 1/2 hours

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