Online Professional Development

Access to our self-paced online professional development videos Faith, Freedom & Public Schools: Addressing the Bible and Christianity without Mixing Church and State

It includes 20 downloadable lesson plans, articles, documents, and a 260-page report on where the Bible is included in all 50 state academic standards. It also includes a 30-minute interview with the senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom who answers 15 commonly-asked questions teachers have regarding religion in their classrooms.

Cost: $125 (Summer scholarships available - see below) 


The Eight Sessions



1. Legally Supported (55 mins.)

2. Academically Expected (27 mins.) 

3. Culturally Accurate (18 mins.) 

4. Moral Development & Religious Upbringing (16 mins.)


Practical Application

5. Inclusion Strategies (43 mins.)

6. Students' Religious Liberties (23 mins.) 

7. Acknowledging Holidays (25 mins.) 

8. Cultivating Character (15 mins.)



Bible Study Cover.jpg

SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS also receive the following:

100 copies of Free to Speak pamphlets explaining what the U.S. Department of Education says about Students Religious Liberties

Provide your colleagues, your students, and their parents with this pocket-sized pamphlet containing direct quotes from the U.S. Department of Education regarding students' freedom of religious expression.

Two Pledge of Allegiance posters explaining "one nation under God"

This teaching aid helps students understand each phrase of the Pledge of Allegiance. It quotes the Declaration of Independence so students understand the Founder's belief that our rights come from God.

Bible Study: Keeping the Faith in Public Schools

This 180-page Bible study explains exactly how to create faith-friendly classroom environments.

Topics include:

  • Academic Standards and the Bible
  • Addressing a Concern with Grace
  • Resurrecting Easter at School 
  • Teaching a Better Understanding of Tolerance
  • Encouraging Good Character in Students 
  • Having a heart for people at your school  
  • Teaching what the Pledge of Allegiance means
  • Understanding students' religious liberties
  • Restoring Thanksgiving
  • Recognizing Christmas

How to Receive a Scholarship

Scholarships for the program ($180 value) are only available to current classroom teachers and administrators. They are not available to substitute teachers, teacher candidates or classroom teachers who are enrolled in an education program/course at a college or university. To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete the application and agree to:

  1. Complete the online course within three months of receiving your scholarship.
  2. Write a thank-you note for Gateways to send to your sponsor.
  3. Complete a survey sharing how you benefited from and are using, or plan on using, what you learned.
Learning what I am allowed to do and not allowed to do really made things much more clear for me. I am more free to pray with other Christian teachers when students are not around and to even suggest a Bible Study after school hours. Knowing that I can teach Christianity in the context of history has also given me inspiration to include the importance of Christian thought in the history we study.
— Vicki