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Testimonies from Teachers


While many educators feel comfortable teaching students about various world religions, the same is not necessarily true when it comes to the Bible and Christianity.

To address the problem, churches are hosting a powerful seminar for teachers.

Faith, Freedom & Public Schools is a three-and-one-half hour workshop for public school educators. This is not about “education theory.” You’ll learn practical ways to appropriately and lawfully include teaching about the Bible and Christian history, culture, and values across the curriculum. You’ll also receive the latest updates on federal and state religious liberty issues affecting students and teachers.

Understand the 4 key Factors
       to Move from Fear to Freedom in Your Classroom!

  1. Your state academic standards expect students to learn about the Bible and Christianity

  2. Courts support teaching students about the Bible and Christianity -- including religious aspects of holidays.

  3. The U.S. Department of Education has clarified students’ religious liberties (and you can teach about them!)

  4. Practical lesson ideas you can use immediately in your classroom

RESULTS: Based on post-event surveys, public school teachers who attend Gateways’ professional development seminar indicate they will improve their classroom teaching as follows:

  • 87% will tell what “one nation under God” means in the Pledge of Allegiance

  • 80% will discuss the religious aspects of holidays

  • 74% will encourage students to include their faith-based values in their decision making

  • 72% will tell students about their freedom of religious expression in class

  • 57% will add a Bible to their classroom library



I couldn’t be more pleased in the training and am excited to know that our teachers feel freedom to teach the ‘truth’ about America’s culture, society, traditions and institutions in a way that they have never felt before. It is presented in such an unbiased, professional and legally appropriate manner, it literally took the ‘fear factor’ away.”
— Superintendent, Texas
  • 8:30AM   Registration

  • 9:00AM   LEGALLY SUPPORTED – A review of relevant court cases 

    • THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE - How it applies and does not apply in schools 

  • ACADEMICALLY EXPECTED – Your state’s standards expect students to learn about the Bible and Christianity as it relates to history, culture, and values.

  • CULTURALLY ACCURATE – Statistics on America’s religious culture

  • MORAL DEVELOPMENT & RELIGIOUS UPBRINGING – What the research reveals

  • 10:30AM Break

  • 10:40AM INCLUSION STRATEGIES – Practical ways to teach about the Bible and Christianity as they relate to Civics, Language Arts, History, Math, Science, Health, Economics, Decision-making skills

  • STUDENTS’ RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES – U.S. Department of Education Guidelines on 7 topics

    • RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DAY – What you can do in your school & school district

  • HOLIDAYS – Lesson ideas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Martin Luther King Day, Easter, and Passover

  • 12:15AM Q&A

  • 12:30PM Dismiss


Reliable, Refreshing, and Very Practical

“I look forward to the material I receive during the school year from Gateways to Better Education. Its information is reliable, refreshing, and very practical.”

-- Tracey Bailey, National Teacher of the Year


Like a Breath of Fresh Air after a Long Winter

“Eric’s presentation was professional and informative. It was like a breath of fresh air after a long winter. This training will equip our teachers with the knowledge they need in order to freely talk about faith without violating the separation between church and state. I highly recommend this program to you without reservation.”

-- Dr. Jan Harris, Superintendent, Cullman City Schools, Alabama (after 250 teachers participated in the seminar)


Practical Knowledge that Applies to Our Local Schools 

“I am greatly encouraged by the dynamic ministry of Gateways, which we were pleased to host at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills this past year. The Faith, Freedom & Public Schools seminar provided public school educators with practical knowledge that can now be applied in our local public schools.”

-- Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, CA


Additionally, Keeping Their Faith in Public Schools is a 90 minute seminar for parents, grandparents and church leaders available at no additional cost when presented on the same weekend.

For more information

For more information on bringing Faith, Freedom & Public Schools to your community, email or call (800) 929-1163.