Webcast - Promoting Religious Liberty in your Public Schools

Webcast - Promoting Religious Liberty in your Public Schools

Promoting Religious Liberty in Your Public Schools

FRC Webcast

Can students read their Bibles in public schools?

Can they express their faith in a school assignment?

Can they share about Jesus during the Christmas season?

Can they perform Christian music in a public school talent show?

Would you be surprised to know the answer to all of these questions is "yes"? You're not alone. Infringement on religious liberty in public schools is a growing problem. Students are told they can't pray, read their Bibles, or talk about their faith in class, but it turns out that most educators who repress religious expression do so because they are unaware of the U.S. Department of Education's clear guidelines which protect students' religious freedom. Nationally, 84 percent of church-attending families send their children to public schools. That means millions of Christian children are already there. Imagine the impact they could have if the thousands of churches across America equipped their students with the federal guidelines on Sunday so they can take them to school on Monday!

Eric Buehrer of Gateways to Better Education presents eye-opening facts about the U.S. Department of Education guidelines, sharing practical ways to use these guidelines to transform your public schools into faith-friendly, and even faith-affirming, places. 

(Text from the FRC website)