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Keeping Their Faith in Public Schools: How to help your children graduate with their faith and values intact

A recent study discovered that 89 percent of young people who left the Church say their doubts about Christianity were planted during their middle and high school years. As Warren Nord of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, wrote:

“Public schools clearly and forcefully discourage students from thinking about the world in religious ways.”

This seminar equips parents to counter these negative effects. 

1 1/2 hours

The presentation covers:

  • The five keys to determining if you should remove your children from a classroom activity
  • A powerful way to teach your children discernment about what they learn
  • Your children’s religious liberties in class
  • How you can successfully address a concern with a teacher in a gracious way
  • How the "separation of Church and State" is misapplied in schools 
  • And so much more!
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Faith, Freedom & Public Schools: Addressing the Judeo-Christian tradition without mixing Church & State

Faith, Freedom & Public Schools is a professional development seminar for public school educators. This is not about “education theory.” You’ll learn practical ways to appropriately and lawfully include teaching about the Bible and Christian history, culture, and values across the curriculum. You’ll also receive the latest updates on federal and state religious liberty issues affecting students and teachers.

3 1/2 hours

"The most liberating seminar an educator will ever experience!"

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