Teacher Scholarship Application

The Gateways Teacher Program is designed to provide teachers with practical training through the online course, Faith, Freedom & Public Schools, and downloadable materials. After completing the course and post-course survey, additional printed materials will be shipped to scholarship recipients .

The self-paced online seminar is divided into eight sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 55 minutes long for a total of 4 hours. For topics covered click here

Scholarships for the $180 program are only available to current classroom teachers and administrators. They are not available to substitute teachers, teacher candidates or classroom teachers who are enrolled in an education program/course at a college or university.

To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete this application and agree to:

  1. Complete the online course within three months of receiving your scholarship

  2. Write a thank-you note for Gateways to send to your sponsor(s)

  3. Complete a survey sharing how you benefited from and are using, or plan on using, what you learned.

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