Christmas Carols and Courage

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It won’t be long before Christmas will be here. How will your public schools handle the holiday? Too often, the religious aspects of the holidays are censored from classrooms. But, more and more teachers are finding the courage to teach about them.

For example, Heather is an elementary school music teacher in a liberal community in southern California. When she mentioned to a colleague that she was going to teach the children traditional Christmas carols, he slammed his hand on his desk and declared “You will not teach religious carols to students in my classroom!”


Heather didn’t. Instead, she took the students to the courtyard and taught them Christmas carols there. Later she wrote to us that “the concert was a hit. We even ended it with ‘Silent Night.” Every loved it. Even the school principal told me how much she enjoyed the concert.”

Too often, our schools unnecessarily cower from what they think will be controversial. It’s time we move from fear to freedom.

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