School Prayer is Possible in Public Schools

You might remember last year’s news story about a Rhode Island judge ordering a school to remove a prayer banner that had been hanging in its auditorium for the past 50 years. The non-denominational prayer reminded students to be good sports, be honest, and bring honor to their school. The banner was removed and the student who brought the lawsuit received a $40,000 college scholarship from an atheist organization rewarding her for her efforts. Okay. The banner came down. But, I think a sleeping giant – the Church – just woke up.

In our research, we found that in 34 states public school students can begin their day with prayer IN THE CLASSROOM. These states have laws that either require or allow for students to begin their days with moments of silence that can be used for prayer.

Let’s take the prayer that was in one school in one state and help students pray it in 64,000 schools in 34 states.

(You can listen to my commentary as part of the Family News in Focus broadcast)

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