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Many public school educators are fearful and confused about how to lawfully and appropriately address the Bible and Christianity as it relates to history, culture and values.

To help them, we have created an online module for Schools of Education. We’ve designed it to be a supplement within existing courses for undergraduate as well as graduate students. It’s called, “Faith, Freedom & Public Schools: Addressing the Bible & Christianity without Mixing Church & State.” Since 2014, over 13,000 students have completed it. 

A growing list of universities incorporate the supplement in on-campus and/or online courses, including:  Liberty University (Virginia), MidAmerica Nazarene University (Kansas), Colorado Christian University (Colorado), Nyack College (New York), Concordia University, Irvine (California), Gordon College (Massachusetts), Geneva College (Pennsylvania), Shorter University (Georgia), California Baptist University, Concordia University (California), Biola University (California).

Faith, Freedom & Public Schools is both informative and practical:

  1. It explains how the law supports teaching about the importance of the Bible and Christianity across the curriculum, as well as practical ways to do it.

  2. It isn’t static like a textbook. Every year, we update it with relevant research.

  3. It has downloadable articles, lessons and research students can use in their careers.

  4. It includes all the audio and video as downloadable transcripts (conforming to federal requirements for the hearing-impaired) and all students can print it out for future reference.

My students were amazed at how many misconceptions they had about the role of religion in public schools! Until we adopted FFPS, they were so uneasy about it that some had resigned themselves to avoiding the discussion of religion altogether. They now understand that acknowledging the role of religion in academic subject matter is educationally sound and legally protected.”
— Samuel J. Smith, Ed.D., Professor and Director of School Administration Program, Liberty University

ABout Faith, Freedom & Public Schools

Faith, Freedom & Public Schools is an online module we created to help Christian universities address the topic of religion in public schools. We've designed it to be a supplement within courses you already offer for undergraduate as well as graduate students. You have the flexibility of choosing to use any or all of the eight sessions in the program to benefit your students.


Our goal is to help You develop educators who will be: 

  1. Confident in teaching about the influence of the Bible and Christianity across the curriculum as they relate to history, culture, and values

  2. Winsome and wise in how they address Christianity and the Bible - staying within existing laws and academic standards

  3. Supportive of students who want to live out their faith at school

The Eight Sessions



1. Legally Supported (55 mins.)

2. Academically Expected (27 mins.) 

3. Culturally Accurate (18 mins.) 

4. Moral Development & Religious Upbringing (16 mins.)


Practical Application

5. Inclusion Strategies (43 mins.)

6. Students' Religious Liberties (23 mins.) 

7. Acknowledging Holidays (25 mins.) 

8. Cultivating Character (15 mins.)

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