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Are you wondering what is, and isn’t, legal or appropriate when it comes to how the Bible and Christianity can be addressed in your classroom? You are not alone. There is a common misconception that teaching about the Bible and Christianity is not allowed in a public school classroom. The resources on this page will clear up that confusion and help you move from fear to freedom

You’ll find: 

  • Practical tools to help you appropriately and lawfully teach about the Bible and Christianity as it relates to history, culture, and values 
  • Research on federal guidelines and state laws regarding religious liberty affecting you and your students
  • Information about your state’s academic standards regarding teaching about religion
  • Online professional development: Faith, Freedom & Public Schools

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I got what I wanted philosophically and I got more than I expected practically.”
— Teacher, California

Articles for Teachers

Academic Freedom

Accelerated Reading - It's a Book Isn't It?

Integrating Faith and the Public Schools

The Bible in the Library

The Bible in State Academic Standards

Holidays & Celebrations

Black History Month: Lesson Plan

Christmas in Your School

Christmas - Myth/Fact Sheet from ADF

Christmas Religious Expression - ADF Christmas 2014

Easter and State Standards

Easter Family Devotions / Sunday School Easter Lesson Plan

Easter - Resurrect Easter in your school

Fourth of July - Remember our Flag

Holiday Cards - Proclaiming the Truth

Holiday Restoration Campaign

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Christian Pledge

Misconceptions Regarding Teaching About Holidays (Q&A)

National Day of Prayer

Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamations

Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamations - Teaching Students About Them

Religious Freedom Day - Commemorating

Religious Freedom Day GUIDEBOOK

St. Patrick - Something you May Not Know


Encouraging A Moral Conscience in Students

Four Questions to Ask of Any Program or Policy

Helping Students Think About Creation

Teaching about Tolerance

Why "Under God" Must Remain in the Pledge of Allegiance

Online PD

Faith, Freedom & Public Schools

Religious Freedom

Free to Speak Campaign

Moment of Silence

Religious Freedom Day

Religious Freedom Day - Commemorating

Religious Freedom Day GUIDEBOOK

U.S. Department of Education's Guidelines on Religious Expression in Public Schools

USDOE's "Secretary's Letter on Constitutionally Protected Prayer in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools"

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (Paraphrase)

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

Seminars (In Person)

Educator Seminar - Faith, Freedom & Public Schools 

Parent Seminar - Keeping their Faith in Public Schools


Gateways Minutes

Three R’s of Religion in Schools (appropriate for School Announcements)

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