Equipping Parents With Valuable Resources

Are you concerned that your child’s faith and values will be negatively impacted in a public school? You are not alone. But, don’t look at your child’s school as a battlefield. Instead, see it as a garden where you can plant seeds of love and truth: 

  1. In your child’s lives (teaching them discernment) and;

  2. In the lives of your child’s teachers (helping them understand how to create faith-friendly classrooms).

One challenge you will face is misinformation and fear among educators regarding the appropriate place for religion. But you can help clear up the confusion. Don’t miss out on how God might use you to help your school while helping your child develop morally, spiritually, and academically.

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Before we knew about Gateways, we prayed for the teachers, but now we are also helping them understand what they can do in the classroom.”
— Tammy, Parent from Florida

Resources for Parents

Academic Freedom

Addressing the Hole in Whole Child Education

The Bible in State Academic Standards

Integrating Faith and the Public Schools

Evaluate Your School

School Checklist - Evaluate your school. Is it faith-friendly?

Holidays & Celebrations

Christmas in Your School

Easter and State Standards

Easter Family Devotions / Sunday School Easter Lesson Plan

Fourth of July - Remember Our Flag

Holiday Restoration Campaign

Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamations

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Christian Pledge

Misconceptions Regarding Teaching About Holidays (Q&A)

National Day of Prayer

Religious Freedom Day GUIDEBOOK

Religious Freedom Day - Commemorating

Resurrect Easter in your school

Seasonal Religious Expression - ADF Christmas 2014

St. Patrick - Something you May Not Know

Teaching Students About the Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation


Bible Literacy - They provide the "only First-Amendment-safe textbook that supports academic study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation". The Bible and it's Influence is used in public schools across 43 states.

CEAI/Christian Educators Association Intl -  A professional Association where they encourage, equip, and empower Christian educators to effectively walk out their calling in their schools. They offer liability insurance to teachers and more.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Their Campus Ministry is led by student-athletes and coaches on junior high, high school and college campuses.

Good News Clubs (Child Evangelism Fellowship) - Their Clubs meet in elementary public schools after school hours (on the same terms as other community groups).  Children enjoy lessons, songs, games and scripture memorization.

Moms in Prayer, Intl - Women gather together regularly to pray for children and schools in all 50 US states.

National School Project - They train university students to coach and mentor students in high school Christian Clubs.

Released Time Education - Scriptures are legally taught on a devotional basis at a time set aside during the school day when public school students, with parental permission, leave the school premises to attend religious education classes.


Breaking Through Educational Jargon

Challenging a Book 

Encouraging A Moral Conscience in Students

Four Questions to Ask of Any Program or Policy

Helping Students Think About Creation

How to Evaluate Textbooks

Model Policy Regarding Profanity and Abusive Language

Movies in the Classroom

Multiculturalism in the Classroom

Starting a Bible Club

Understanding the Proper Process for Removing a Book

Parent-Teacher Relationships

Back-to-School Tips

Talking to Educators About a Concern

What to Do About a Problem Teacher

The Five Steps for Being a Godly Influence On Those Around Your Child

When to Remove Your Child from an Activity

Religious Freedom

Graduation Prayer

National Free to Speak Campaign 

Religious Freedom Day GUIDEBOOK

Religious Freedom Day - Commemorating

Students Liberties

The Three R's of Religion (video for school announcements)

Webcast at FRC - Promoting Religious Liberty in Your Public Schools

Seminars (In Person)

Educator Seminar: Faith, Freedom & Public Schools

Parent Seminar: Keeping Their Faith in Public Schools


Gateways Minutes

The Three R's of Religion (video for school announcements)

Webcast at FRC - Promoting Religious Liberty in Your Public Schools


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