Equipping Churches With Valuable Resources

According to Barna research, 83 percent of Christian parents send their children to public schools. Are you concerned that your church may not be doing enough to help public school families? Do you know school leaders who could be advocates for faith-friendly school policies? On this page you will find:

  • Articles giving ideas for how your church can encourage parents, educators, school leaders, and students

  • Information on our seminars for parents and educators

  • A DVD-based Bible study on how to be a positive influence in your schools while also teaching your children to be discerning about what they learn.

I am greatly encouraged by the dynamic ministry of Gateways, which we were pleased to host at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. The seminars provided practical knowledge that can now be applied in the public school setting. It is my hope that this ministry will expand to every school district in the nation.”
— Jack Hibbs, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

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