Using a Moment of Silence at School

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Thirty-four states currently have a provision that either mandates or allows for a moment of silence in the classroom at the beginning of every day.

To help students actually begin the day in prayer, Gateways has created a prayer card that students can use in the classroom. The size of a business card, these easily fit in a wallet or binder. Wouldn't it be great if students prayed the following: 

Heavenly Father, 
Grant me each day the desire
to do my best, 
To grow mentally and morally
as well as physically, 
To be kind and helpful to my classmates and teachers, 
To be honest with myself as
well as with others, 
Help me to be a good sport
and smile when I lose as
well as when I win, 
Teach me the value of
true friendship, 
Help me always to conduct myself so as to bring credit to my school. 

Read the states' laws regarding a moment of silence.

Download a sheet of the cards and print out as many as you can use.

Or you can purchase a set of 100 prayer cards for $15

CLICK HERE to read about the news event that gave birth to this strategy.



How do I know if my state allows for a moment of silence?

CLICK HERE for a list of the states that mandate or allow a moment of silence.

How do I know my school observes a moment of silence?

Contact your school secretary and ask if the students are given a moment of silence at the beginning of each day.

What to I do if my state allows or mandates for a moment of silence but my school district doesn’t observe it?

1. Check with your school superintendent’s office to see if there is a school board policy addressing a moment of silence that has been neglected.

2. If your school board has no such policy, meet with the superintendent to express your desire to see a policy implemented.  Bring two or three friends with you.  You can also meet with school board members individually to express your desire and gain their support.

What do I do if my school district has a policy but it is not being observed at my child's school?

Make a copy of the policy and contact your school principal. Use the “help me understand” approach to address the issue.

If the principal is disinterested or unwilling to implement the policy contact your superintendent. Explain to him that you are interested in seeing the current school district policy implemented in your child's school.

What do I do if my school already observes the moment of silence? 

Print out or purchase a set of Gateways School Prayer Cards. Give them to your own children to give to their friends. Ask your school’s Christian Club to distribute them to students. Provide them to parents of public school children in your church.