Model Policy Regarding Profanity and Abusive Language

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Enforcement of this policy requires a commitment from all educators and staff. 

1. Students will know from the first day (many freshmen will know at Freshman Orientation) that intentional and even casual profanity will not be tolerated. 

2. The very FIRST time that a student is referred to the Dean, a parent will be called and told exactly what the child said, and will be asked to support us in correcting the problem. Those guilty of using casual/non-abusive profanity will be required to serve one after-school or before-school detention for their first offense. 

3. If a first-time offender has used abusive, combative-style profanity (inciting another to fight, etc.), the parent is still called, but the penalty will be harsher, such as one or two days of In- School Suspension (ISS) or Out-of-School Suspension (OSS), required conflict mediation, and a warning that repeated violations will quickly lead to long suspensions and potential loss of credit and/or expulsion. 

4. If the first-time offender has used abusive, threatening profanity toward a teacher or staff member, an OSS of at least three days will be assessed and a parent conference will be held to discuss whether or not an expulsion is in order (definite expulsion if the teacher has been threatened with bodily harm or death). 

5. Repeat offenders of casual, non-threatening profanity will, upon the second or third offenses, be placed in ISS for at least one full day, and will be assigned two days or more of OSS for any additional violations. As with any case of repeated violations of rules, expulsion from school or referral to an alternative school may occur. 

 Permission granted to make copies of this for school policies.