Teacher Blessed by Gateways Seminar

I've never been more confident in how and what I teach. I have a Bible on my desk, in my classroom library, and freely speak of the reason we broke away from England; that Christianity was brought with those who broke away from England. I tackle the "other" side of evolution and answer students' questions when they see me reading my Bible during Silent Reading time. 

My students know the meaning of the American flag, what our flag stands for and why it is important. 

The workshop was an amazing release of anxiety and apprhension. I'm ready to defend my rights as teacher whenever someone wants to challenge me. I'd love to take your class again. What an inspiration. I've told my Christian teacher friends, my pastor, and our church members about the wonderful things you are doing. I even loaned my class materials and workbook to a group of teachers from another district. The message is getting out there. 

Thank you for all you do,